52 and You

1 year + 52 Ancestors = 88,222 words written. But I still haven't answered that final question. What DO I want future generations to know about me?

J.C., Daisy, and Plot 88

They didn't have much in common with my ancestors, but the Wardners knew how it felt to be alone during life's darkest hours. And on a bleak winter day in 1885, the wealthy man helped the poor man. Both were richer for it.

The one we called Auntie

The experts don't tell you what to expect when your sister loses her soul mate. I only knew that we were there for each other, from cradle to grave. We were actually a lot like Gertrude and Auntie, weren't we?

It’s About Time

Gertrude Virginia Baugh knew a thing or two about choosing her battles, and she chose the things that mattered. But life wasn't fair...she was well aware of that fact.

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